Professional Brand

Brand Management

Professional Brand is a 2-hour interactive program that defines & builds a professional & personal brand – a VICTORY BRAND PLAN. In professional & athletic careers, maintaining a strong brand is vital to success. In the program, participants will learn to manage a reputation; identify vision, values & goals; and leverage a professional asset plan to achieve desired athletic & career success.

  • Learn How to Effectively MANAGE a BRAND

Victory Networking

Professional Connections

Victory Networking is a 2-hour interactive program that defines & builds a networking plan. Networking is important for success while still at school and then out in the professional world. In the program, participants will learn about the importance of networking, how to maximize its benefit and some tangible tools to build a network for personal & career success.

  • Understand the Positive & Negative IMPACT of New School Networking
  • Develop a PLAN for Successful Networking

Executive Speaking

Persuasive Speaking

Executive Speaking is a 2-hour interactive program that teaches the fundamentals of professional & business verbal communication. As we become more technology-reliant, developing the skills of professional speaking is becoming evermore important. In this program, participants are able to start applying speaking concepts & seeing improvements in their own performance immediately.

  • Understand Persuasive Speaking Capabilities & Challenges
  • Identify Speaking Strengths & Development Areas
  • Increase Confidence, Professional Status, & Persuasiveness

Professional Writing

Persuasive Writing

Professional Writing is a 90-minute interactive program that teaches the fundamentals of professional & business written communication. It is not a class on grammar or creative writing, but a powerful executive writing program that will improve the ability to effectively convey a message, get others to listen, and enhance professional brand.

  • Understand the Fundamentals of Persuasive Writing
  • Effectively Develop & Implement the WARN Approach
  • Commit to a Persuasive Writing Process & Action Plan

Intro to Professionalism

Professional Demeanor

Intro to Professionalism is a 90-minute interactive program that defines & builds a professional presence. Being a professional is an art that is required in every profession. There are key actions that young professionals can take now to build professional presence and enhance professional brand. Participants will learn about professionalism, work closely with others to develop their own professionalism and walk away with tips to grow as a young professional.

  • Understand & Define PROFESSIONALISM
  • Outline Your 5 DIMENSIONS of Professionalism
  • Identify 5 ACTIONS to Increase Your Personal Professionalism

Additional Programs


  • Developing a Career Map
  • Professional Technology Skills
  • Getting the Job
  • Persuasive Influence & Negotiation