(NASHUA, NH) – Over the past 2 days, the Victory team held a unique Lacrosse and Leadership Academy at Rivier University for youth and high school female student-athletes. The young student-athletes were motivated to build individual leadership plans and were challenged to increase their level of commitment in school and in lacrosse. The academy focused on key actions to consider and apply to daily commitments as students, athletes, teammates and active community members. On the field, the athletes were given college level instruction and learned new, innovation skills to take their game to the next level.

Many of the participants found the academy to be impactful and rewarding:

“The action planning process was very helpful in my development. It helped me pin-point areas of leadership to improve upon. I learned valuable life skills that will guide me in different areas of lacrosse and in my future career.”

“This academy showed me the way to find my purpose and plan it out. I also loved watching the coaches demos and learning new ways to improve my game.”

“These 2 days helped me build my self-confidence as a leader and as a lacrosse player. I enjoyed how open the coaches were in sharing their stories and experiences. My vision is so much more clear!”

The program assisted and inspired the students to build their own leadership foundation and develop individual plans for commitment. The sessions were filled with thought-provoking content, real life examples, and innovative lacrosse lessons from Victory Academy Director, Kristen Kjellman Marshall, and Victory Academy Co-Founder, Amanda Rogers. The engagement was phenomenal, and the energy, electric.

“The Victory Academy was established because of a shared vision to make a positive impact on the world through leadership, service, teamwork and inspiration,” said Kristen Kjellman Marshall, Executive Director of The Victory Academy at Velocity Performance. “Through the Lacrosse & Leadership Academy, we were thrilled to be able to teach and inspire young student-athletes to maximize their potential, and strive for greatness. I was amazed with the level of focus, drive and talent that these young students demonstrated over the course of the academy. It was an honor and a pleasure to connect with, and motivate, so many bright and promising female student-athletes. The future is bright for these young leaders!”