Do you always feel like your to-do list is never-ending? Like no matter how many items you check off it just continues to grow? If so, we have 4 tips to help you prioritize your time and effort to get the most of out of your work.

1. Goal Setting

  • Start the Work Day Focusing on Your Big Goal
    • The Job You’re Asked to Do
    • The Project You Need to Manage
    • The Clients You Need to Serve

2. Action List

  • List Your Actions for Today
  • List Your Actions for This Week
  • List the Big Projects You Are Working On
    • Break Them Down into Smaller Actions & Group Them
  • List Items You’re Waiting on from Others

3. Prioritizing

  • Identify the Top 5 to 10 That Need to Be Completed Today
    • Look at Small Tasks
    • Look at Actions That Help You Move Projects Forward
  • Mark Those 5 to 10 in Order
  • Batch Your Tasks to Get Similar Items Done at the Same Time
  • Delegate Where You Can

4. Starting & Finishing

  • Don’t Spend Too Much Time Deciding What to Do First
  • Get One Thing Started & Then Finish It
  • Break Up Bigger Tasks into Smaller Pieces
    • Try Not to Spend More Than Two Hours on Each Task

Take Control of Your To-Do List. Win the Day.