Winning Attributes of Four Fascinating Leaders

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Leadership comes in many forms and every leader is different from the next. However, there are certain attributes that seem to play a consistent role in the success of many leaders. Four renowned leaders, who I personally find inspiring, show many of these qualities. I have highlighted six winning attributes through the success profiles of these leaders.


Honesty – As a business leader, his company, his team and his brand are a reflection of himself. It’s visible through his work and his reputation, that Buffett has made honesty and ethical behavior a key value. People want to work for and surround themselves with hardworking, fair leaders. He has proven to be just that.


When asked the question, “If I could have lunch with anyone in the world, who would it be?” Warren Buffett is near, if not at, the top of my list. […]

Inspiring NH Youth To Set A Foundation For Leadership

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(NASHUA, NH) – This past Tuesday morning, over 50 sixth grade students from St. Christopher and Infant Jesus participated in a Victory Academy leadership program via the annual Project Safeguard Day. The young students were challenged by Velocity Performance to build a foundation for leadership. This highly interactive program was specifically designed to inspire youth students, by breaking leadership down into 9 foundational elements and delivering the program in a fun and energetic environment.

Cindy Clarke, Principal at St. Christopher School, expressed her enthusiasm for the program. “The Victory Academy program focused on the belief that each member of our school community is unique and can be a leader in their own way. Our sixth graders gained exposure to age-appropriate leadership concepts and practices.  Through experiential learning strategies, group assignments, and hands-on activities, students experienced the application of leadership skills, building confidence in their abilities and enhancing their capacity to serve in […]

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