3 Leadership Lessons Learned From Watching the 2016 Olympics

2016-08-18T08:59:58-04:00August 18th, 2016|Blog|

Every four years we are given the opportunity to watch the summer Olympics unfold. The games are a powerful reminder of what makes this world great and show us true examples of what it means to make sacrifices, trust in teammates, push the limits and show pride for one’s nation. The 2016 Summer Games have provided many wonderful examples of what it means to be a great athlete, in and out of competition. From watching the Olympics thus far, there are 3 lessons that have made an impact on me.


For some sports, I should say “every tenth of a second counts.” It amazes me how in several events, the difference between a gold medal and 4th place can be less than a second or less than a point. It makes me realize that every moment and every move truly matters. I draw a parallel to my business […]