Developing YOUR Resilience

2018-11-07T12:23:46-04:00November 7th, 2018|Blog|

To be resilient, must you have faced a major failure, life setback or constant daily challenges? The answer is no, so I’ve learned. Everyone is faced with some type of adversity in their life – Some just in smaller doses than others. I’ve often asked myself, does it make me less resilient if I’ve never had to overcome a major life setback or tragedy? Do I have a lower level of resilience because I’ve never had to live paycheck to paycheck or work 3 jobs to provide for my family? I have wrestled with this concept for quite some time. Is it possible for me to be as resilient as people who have battled back from a near death injury, or received a college scholarship after once failing out of school, or lead a successful corporate company after spending time in the military? How can I find my own resilience and […]