Would You Follow You? Leadership Through a Personal Lens

2017-01-06T18:13:00-04:00November 29th, 2016|Blog|

Leaders develop followers. People follow others and commit to leaders for a multitude of reasons. When thinking about your leadership capabilities and potential, consider whether or not YOU would follow YOU? It’s a unique way to assess your individual leadership skills, proficiencies and inefficiencies. Be honest and realistic about your self-assessment.

Can you quickly and effortlessly name three reasons why someone should follow you?

Was that easy, or did it make you critically think about your current level of leadership? Hopefully the question made you contemplate your best assets, as well as your liabilities and shortcomings.


If You WOULD Follow Yourself, Then Why?

Be conscious and aware of what makes you a great leader and understand why people follow you. Since you would follow yourself, you are most likely in tune with your strengths and believe in your abilities to willingly organize a group of people, to work towards a vision, to reach a […]