College to Corporate: 4 Keys to Making a Successful Transition

2017-01-06T18:13:01-04:00February 16th, 2016|Blog|

Making the transition from college life to the corporate world can be a tough crossing. After graduating from Northwestern University in 2007, I joined the millions of other recent graduates on the journey to find my next step. I was fortunate to find success early, and joined Nike, Inc. just 3 months after graduation. Through the process and after looking back, I’ve identified four keys that can help make that leap forward as smooth and prosperous as possible.

1.  Network. Network. Network.

Finding a desirable job is not easy. Having meaningful connections can greatly increase your chances of being made aware of a position, being considered for the job, and potentially being given an edge during competition for the spot. Begin networking NOW. You don’t need to wait until your senior year of college, or once you’ve graduated, to build your connections. Develop a thorough LinkedIn page and start attending networking events […]