9 Attributes of Winners

Leadership Foundation

Victory’s 9 Attributes of Winners is a 90-minute high-energy, interactive seminar that sets the baseline for VICTORY. The VICTORY FOUNDATION has been developed over 20 years to maximize individual and team-based performance & potential. It consists of 9 performance attributes that separate winners from the pack. With the right foundation, good habits, and the creation of knowledge & experience, VICTORY IS YOURS.

  • Learn the 9 Attributes of a WINNER
  • Have a MODEL to Take to Teammates
  • Take One Action from Today and EXECUTE Tomorrow

Becoming a Leader

Individual Leadership

Becoming a Leader is a 90-minute interactive program that teaches the VICTORY LEADERSHIP MODEL – leading teams, managing tasks and coaching individuals. Leadership is the WILLINGNESS to accept RESPONSIBILITY to ORGANIZE a GROUP of people to ACHIEVE a COMMON GOAL. Leadership requires the ability to plan, communicate, act and motivate.

  • Learn 9 ACTIONS to Becoming a Leader
  • Assess Your Current Leadership Style and Establish Your DESIRED LEADERSHIP STYLE
  • Commit to 2 LEADERSHIP ACTIONS to Become a Better Leader

Building Team Synergy

Team Leadership

Building Team Synergy – Team Leadership is a 90-minute  interactive program that teaches the VICTORY TEAMWORK MODEL. Once we have established individual leadership, it is crucial to organize a team, group or organization around a vision and towards a goal. It starts with forming that team and developing a plan.

  • Understand How to Effectively Lead Teams
  • Navigating a Model for Forming Teams
  • Develop a Plan to Form a Successful & High Performing Team

Additional Programs


  • Leader Reputation Management
  • Leader Communication
  • Conflict Management & Problem Solving
  • Managing People & Teams
  • Building Culture
  • Mentoring & Coaching


  • Personality & Self-Awareness
  • Personal Productivity
  • Mindfulness & Mental Toughness
  • Real-World Independence
  • Health & Wealth