Be a Smart Digital Leader.

We live, almost, in a transparent world today. Every person that you walk by has the potential to be a reporter. Playing a sport at a college is like a four-year job interview. College athletes face heightened scrutiny and great popularity and are unique targets for criticism, heckling, and cyber-stalking.

It isn’t uncommon for a college athlete to receive negative tweets or comments on a site following a particularly poor performance. In this digital age, fans and foes alike are given new, often unscreened access to college athletes.

Nothing is private. As a student athlete, every social media post you make has the potential to influence your brand, your team’s brand, and your institution’s brand. Each year throughout the country, examples of social media misconduct on college campuses rises to the forefront of national news.

Here are 5 social media management tips to help you become a smart digital leader.

1. Accountability – Own Your Social Media Platforms
  • Take action & accept responsibility. Know the school & team policies. Follow them.
2. Smart Decision Making – Live By Your Values & the Institutions Values
  • Only post information or photos that you wouldn’t mind being public.
3. Resiliency – Be Mentally Tough
  • Stay positive. Remind yourself of your strengths. Surround yourself with positive people.
4. Respect – Be a Loyal Member of the School & Athletic Department
  • Keep your cell phone away during practice, competition, or team meetings.
5. Teamwork – Look Out For Your Teammates
  • If you notice something inappropriate, say something. One negative issue can impact the entire program.

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