The Gift of Sports

8 Life Lessons

  • Listen to 8 Real Life Lessons from Former College Athletes
  • Understand the Gift of Sports & the Lifelong Impact It Has
  • Reflect On How You Can Maximize Your Athletic Experience

The Student-Athlete Edge

8 Benefits of Athletics

  • Uncover the Edge of Being a Student-Athlete
  • Define the Intangible Benefits that Sports Prepare You For in Your Career
  • Reflect On Your Competitive Advantage

Captaining a Winning Team

The 7 Disciplines & 4 STEPs

  • Identity the 7 Disciplines of Being a Captain
  • Understand the 4 STEPs of Captains
  • Learn How to Develop a Captains’ Action Plan

Building a Winning Culture

3 Dimensions & 6 Types

  • Learn the 6 Types of Culture
  • Build Your Culture From an Academic, Athletic & Community Perspective
  • Identify Your Current Culture and Move Toward a Victory Culture

Courage & Faith Leadership

9-Point Success Plan

  • Define Leadership, Performance, Courage & Faith
  • Learn the 9-Point Success Plan
  • Relate to 5 Courage & Faith Success Moments

Executing a Turnaround

8 Keys and 10 Dos & Don’ts

  • Learn the 8 Keys to Successfully Navigating a Turnaround Situation
  • Listen to Real Life Lessons of Strategies & Tactics To Do & Not To Do
  • Develop Actions for Completing Your Group or Team’s Turnaround

The 9 Attributes of Winners

Building Your Victory Foundation

  • Identify Your Purpose, Find Your Courage, Have Faith in Yourself
  • Have High Character, Show Your Strength, Fuel the Fire
  • Offer Your Service, Display Your Love, Become a Leader

The 9 Actions to Becoming a Leader

Creating Your Leadership Plan

  • Understand the Victory Leadership Model
  • Learn the 9 Steps to Becoming a Leader
  • Establish Your Leadership Style

The 6 Attributes of High Performers

Having a High Performance Future

  • Have a Vision & Build Your Brand
  • Create Lasting Relationships & Become a Leader
  • Learn to Influence & Communicate Effectively

The 6 Rocks of Sportsmanship

Developing Your Team Sportsmanship

  • Defining & Understanding Sportsmanship
  • The 6 Rocks of Victory Sportsmanship
  • Building a Victory Sportsmanship Plan