Why is it Important to Stay Energized?

  • Energy is so important because it represents who we are. It is a major part of our character.
  • It helps you to perform at your best level – The more energy you have, the harder you will work and the more focused you will be.
  • Positive energy is contagious and can help boost the energy of the rest of your team.

Tips to Help You Stay Energized

  • Be kind to your body – It’s easy to get into an unhealthy cycle especially when you’re busy
  • Hydrate with water often
  • Limit caffeine
  • Switch tasks when energy starts to wane
  • Limit complaining  – It doesn’t solve anything and ties up energy
  • Be grateful – A powerful way to re-energize yourself on an bad day is to remind yourself of just one thing in your life that is great  

Take Action

  • Tell a friend or teammate one way you plan to take action to increase your daily energy level.