When it comes to establishing your Leadership style, communication is vital to your success as a Leader. It’s not just about passing along information – but about connecting and inspiring. Verbally and nonverbally, the way in which you communicate – humbly, passionately, confidently – can often have more impact than the words you choose. To help drive you towards communication excellence, follow these 5 communication keys below.

1. Persistence – You Can’t Over-Communicate

Most problems are caused by miscommunication. It is better to over-communicate and have everyone understand than to not communicate at all.

2. Diversify – Leverage Multiple Communication Channels

At different times, different methods will be useful. Use group meetings, one-on-one meetings, group emails, personal emails, texts and notes.

3. Consistency – Be Consistent in Your Message

Identify your team vision and focus all of your communications on that vision. When a message changes, be sure to clarify the message.

4. Understand – Recognize How Other People Listen

If others are not able to understand what you are communicating, they will not act. Take the time to understand how different people absorb information.

5. Clarity – You Can’t Be Too Clear

When it comes to team communication, clear and direct are preferable. Focus on what your team needs to hear to act, not everything you want to say.

Exercise Your Communication Skills. Become a Leader.