Leadership Tip – Stay Energized

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Why is it Important to Stay Energized?

  • Energy is so important because it represents who we are. It is a major part of our character.
  • It helps you to perform at your best level – The more energy you have, the harder you will work and the more focused you will be.
  • Positive energy is contagious and can help boost the energy of the rest of your team.

Tips to Help You Stay Energized

  • Be kind to your body – It’s easy to get into an unhealthy cycle especially when you’re busy
  • Hydrate with water often
  • Limit caffeine
  • Switch tasks when energy starts to wane
  • Limit complaining  – It doesn’t solve anything and ties up energy
  • Be grateful – A powerful way to re-energize yourself on an bad day is to remind yourself of just one thing in your life that is great  

Take Action

  • Tell a friend or teammate one way you plan to take action to increase your daily energy level.


Establishing Your Style – Communication Keys

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When it comes to establishing your Leadership style, communication is vital to your success as a Leader. It’s not just about passing along information – but about connecting and inspiring. Verbally and nonverbally, the way in which you communicate – humbly, passionately, confidently – can often have more impact than the words you choose. To help drive you towards communication excellence, follow these 5 communication keys below.

1. Persistence – You Can’t Over-Communicate

Most problems are caused by miscommunication. It is better to over-communicate and have everyone understand than to not communicate at all.

2. Diversify – Leverage Multiple Communication Channels

At different times, different methods will be useful. Use group meetings, one-on-one meetings, group emails, personal emails, texts and notes.

3. Consistency – Be Consistent in Your Message

Identify your team vision and focus all of your communications on that vision. When a message changes, be sure to clarify the message.

4. Understand – […]

Social Media Management – The Digital Athlete

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Be a Smart Digital Leader.

We live, almost, in a transparent world today. Every person that you walk by has the potential to be a reporter. Playing a sport at a college is like a four-year job interview. College athletes face heightened scrutiny and great popularity and are unique targets for criticism, heckling, and cyber-stalking.

It isn’t uncommon for a college athlete to receive negative tweets or comments on a site following a particularly poor performance. In this digital age, fans and foes alike are given new, often unscreened access to college athletes.

Nothing is private. As a student athlete, every social media post you make has the potential to influence your brand, your team’s brand, and your institution’s brand. Each year throughout the country, examples of social media misconduct on college campuses rises to the forefront of national news.

Here are 5 social media management tips to help you […]

Don’t Build a Career Without a Blueprint

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Would you build a house without a detailed blueprint? Probably not if you want it to stand on its own. So, why would you pursue career success without a plan? The average person spends about 10-15 hours planning a vacation, and relatively much less on planning their career. Take some time to plan out where you want your career to go after school.

Plan for Career Success

  1. The Foundation –
    Define Your Vision & Goals
    Before you can achieve career success, you must first define what that means to you. What is your VISION for your career? And what are your GOALS? Think about short-term and long-term. Far too often, people get so focused on what they have to do on a day-to-day basis that they forget to peel away for a moment and really think about where they want to go. By establishing career vision & goals, those day-to-day tasks naturally support & reinforce […]

Take Control of Your To-Do List

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Do you always feel like your to-do list is never-ending? Like no matter how many items you check off it just continues to grow? If so, we have 4 tips to help you prioritize your time and effort to get the most of out of your work.

1. Goal Setting

  • Start the Work Day Focusing on Your Big Goal
    • The Job You’re Asked to Do
    • The Project You Need to Manage
    • The Clients You Need to Serve

2. Action List

  • List Your Actions for Today
  • List Your Actions for This Week
  • List the Big Projects You Are Working On
    • Break Them Down into Smaller Actions & Group Them
  • List Items You’re Waiting on from Others

3. Prioritizing

  • Identify the Top 5 to 10 That Need to Be Completed Today
    • Look at Small Tasks
    • Look at Actions That Help You Move Projects Forward
  • Mark Those 5 to 10 in Order
  • Batch Your Tasks to Get Similar Items Done […]

3 Actions of Power Leaders

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Leaders move. Leadership is the willingness to accept responsibility and organize a group of people to achieve a common goal. By definition, when others talk, leaders take action.

1. They Take Ownership

The first part of the definition of leadership says “accept responsibility.” This goes far beyond simply stepping up and saying “I’m leader!” Leaders recognize that they have taken an ownership position, and they accept the outcome as their own, no matter if it is positive or negative. Survey results reflect this as well—94% of people say that true leaders own up to their mistakes and shortcomings regularly.

2. They Seek Commitment & Expect Excellence

Leaders are committed to achieving a goal, and the best ones know that they cannot do it alone. They seek out others who are committed to a shared vision and have the potential for excellence. Leaders have high expectations of others because they […]

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